Anonymous asked:
hey where'd you get your fake septum piercing at ?

I simply used an earring ahah

Anonymous asked:
hi :) could u give me some advice? do u think boyfriends like random i miss you texts too? like if you havent seen them in a long time because he's away... we last texted three days ago...

I think they do, but it sounds strange that he didn’t text you in these days.. btw, text him, he should like the fact that your thinkin about him

hilaryijieh asked:
Hey 'blood-stains666' :) I hate to be a burden but is it possible if you could check out or even like/subscribe to my facebook page/youtube channel? :D I know it's pathetic to ask but I'm just trying to get myself out there :) It would really mean a lot, and I'll do anything in return ! (link's on my blog because I can't post them :/ ) Thank you so much, and don't worry, already followed x

sure :)

cynical-society asked:
Follow for follow?

okay :)

I’m bored kik me: bloodstains666